Saturday, 20 February 2016

Stockholm – one of the many places known as Venice of the North

Did you know that Sweden is Europe's 4th largest country?  And Stockholm is its Capital City.  Being in Scandinavia you need to visit around summertime unless you are prepared for cold weather – which I certainly am not.

Some things you may not know:

Many many Swedish people eat pea soup followed by pancakes every Thursday – why? This is a tradition that goes back over 500 years.  It began because people used to fast quite strictly on Fridays so wanted to stock up on something hearty the day before.  The tradition has survived despite the country no longer being predominantly Catholic.

Swedish glass is popular around the world – stylish too!  And Swedish furniture.  Rag mats are very traditional in Swedish homes as well.

The city sits on 14 islands in the middles of a lake and an inlet from the Baltic Sea.

Swedish meatballs, made famous by IKEA stores everywhere, are a great dish.

There are over 100 museums in Stockholm – perhaps not the city's best feature (so many museums are so gloomy and oppressive) – but there is a stamp museum which would be interesting to see.


  1. I would like to visit Sweden, that is a nice feature that Stockholm is built on islands.

  2. Lovely post, Carole. I have a cousin who moved there from the Caribbean, and had to leave like two months later because she couldn't withstand the cold weather.


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