Monday, 29 February 2016

Leap Year Quiz

This month's quiz is about Leap Years – since today is the 29th. 

As always you can check the answers by highlighting the line under each question.

Have fun!

1.   How many days are there in a Leap Year?

2.   Which Gilbert & Sullivan opera features someone born on Leap Day?
The Pirates of Penzance

3.   What is traditional for women to do on Leap Day?
Propose marriage

4.   Someone born on Leap Day has what Zodiac Sign?

5.   Babies born on Leap Day are known as what?

6.   In which European country is it considered unlucky to marry on Leap Day?

7.   Which Roman Emperor is said to be behind the creation of Leap Years?
Julius Caesar

8.   How often do Leap Years occur?
Every 4 years

9.   Do Summer Olympic Games fall on Leap Years?


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