Monday, 18 January 2016

David Bowie – RIP

I was never a major David Bowie fan – but I do remember with fondness some of his songs – Major Tom, China Girl and Heroes.  China Girl even had a New Zealand connection.

But yesterday I read an article about him and found out some special things about him which would have made me much more focused on him.

Did you know that he was a huge fan of books – he used to take boxes and boxes of books on tour.  In 2013 he shared a list of his top 100 reads on Facebook. A music photographer who worked with him said that Bowie would recommend reading Plato – not exactly what I normally expect of a superstar!

He co-founded an independent art book publisher called 21.

He was also an artist in the sense of painting and print making. 

So Rest In Peace David Bowie – you were one of a kind


  1. Thank you for the fun facts.
    I was not a huge fan, but I enjoyed some of his songs. I totally agree, a one of a kind.

  2. Interesting. I did not know those things about him either.


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