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Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace

A dip into some British history for you today.  Hampton Court Palace is in Richmond in London.  When it was built in 1525 it was regarded as being in the countryside.  It was built by the Archbishop of York but was so grand that it was effectively commandeered by Henry VIII – yes that Henry.

Hampton Court Palace  - Chapel Royal part of Henry's State Apartments

When Henry took over he had the cipher of he and his wife (then Anne Boleyn) put all over the place only to end up with another wife, Jane Seymour who had their only son, Edward, at Hampton Court.  She died there a few days later.

In 1604 there was a big conference at Hampton Court which resulted in the instituted of the King James version of the Bible.

Charles I was imprisoned at Hampton Court by Oliver Cromwell but escaped after 3 months – but still, as we know, came to a very sticky end.

Oliver Cromwell then lived in Hampton Court – he might have been anti monarchy but clearly didn't mind having the trappings!

The King's Staircase – William III
The palace was largely re-built by William III in 1689.  But it wasn't lucky for him since he fell off his horse there and died as a result.

Queen Caroline's Bedchamber
The last monarchs to live at the palace were George II and his Queen, Caroline.  She died in 1737and the palace was never used again as a royal residence.

Hampton Court Maze

Hampton Court was opened to the public in 1838 by Queen Victoria and from the start the Palace was a major tourist attraction.

Here are some of the other things you can see at Hampton Court.

The Queen's Drawing Room – Queen Anne

The Hampton Court Palace Gardens


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