Tuesday, 1 December 2015

An Experiment with Coconut Water and the new Blog of the Month

Carole's Chatter: An Experiment with Coconut Water

I've been seeing how coconut water is becoming popular.  But when I've tried it neat, the taste is not all that great.  So I was looking for a way to use it that tasted better.  I was partially successful.  It was drinkable but I did notice that my colleagues who were guinea pigs for me, didn't finish their glasses which told me something.

Next time I'd halve the amount of coconut water and added more water, and lemon juice.

Ingredients as I did it:

Bottle of coconut water
Ginger infused water (a cold version of my ginger tea)
Chopped mint
Mango slices – from a tin – fresh would have been much better
Splash of lemon juice

I stored the mixture in the fridge overnight to let the flavours meld.

How do you use coconut water?

My new blog of the month is the book blog Moonshine & Rosefire. 
I have always enjoyed her book reviews and have found many great books through her blog.  If you would like to check Mary's blog out just click here – or at any time during the month click on the Blog of the Month gadget which I'll put towards the top of my sidebar.


  1. I've only recently become addicted to drinking coconut water, but I'll readily admit that it does taste rather plain by itself. Your recipe for making coconut water taste better sounds good.

    I also follow Moonshine & Rosefire as well. :-)

  2. I forgot to add that I am thinking about using coconut water to make coconut water kefir as I've heard that kefir is good at aiding/healing digestive issues.

  3. Hello Carole,
    Thank you so much for highlighting my blog for the month. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog as well.

  4. I have tried different brands of coconut water and while there are a few I don't like at all, I have a couple of favourites that taste great just plain, chilled. Grace (unsweetened) is my usual pick.

  5. Except for lemonade in the summer every now and then, I realize I almost never fix a special drink unless it's a cocktail! Mostly I just drink water, and I've never tried drinking coconut water. Interesting to hear about your experimentation! I enjoyed checking out your blog of the month, too!


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