Sunday, 19 July 2015

Standing Rib Roast

Carole's Chatter: Standing Rib Roast

Making this standing rib roast made me feel like I was in the Flintstones! 

In fact this one boned one was plenty for 2 of us with some leftover for use the next day.

The most important thing to getting a good result is to take the meat out of the fridge and leave it to come to room temperature.  How long this will take will depend on the time of year where you are.

If you have a full rack, it would be a good idea to tie it between each rib so the meat holds its shape.

I just seasoned it with salt and pepper and a little garlic powder and then popped it on a rack in a roasting dish.  I put a little liquid in the base of the dish – in this case red wine.  I also rubbed a little oil onto the meat.

I roasted it for 20 minutes at 450 degrees F and then reduced the temperature ot 350 and finished it allowing 22 minutes per pound.  Let it stand after it comes out of the oven – loosely covered with foil.

For the gravy, I poured out most of the fat – which rises to the top.  I then added more red wine and some stock and boil it up while stirring with a wooden spoon so that all of the stuck on bits are incorporated.  Thicken your gravy with your preferred method – I was lazy and used half a gravy packet.

Serve with horseradish cream.  To make this mix horseradish sauce, lemon juice, sugar, cream and salt and pepper.  You need to balance the sweet and sour so do it to taste.

As you can see I served it with that great old standby frozen peas and crispy roast potatoes.


  1. Oh I love that roast dinner - hardly ever cook it but I should. It would make my husband very happy to see a plate like that in front of him.

  2. My husband will be joining you immediately. LOL. This is his favorite cut of meat, and I only make it during the holidays. But really, it's so easy, I should make it more often. Your version looks delicious

  3. I really need to start making food like this. Pretty much the only meat I cook with is chicken and ground beef, and that can get boring! This looks delicious!

  4. Oooo. Horseradish on it would be amazing! Love horseradish. Also, you'd comment about the Flintstones had me howling!

  5. That looks gorgeous!! I am putting this one on my list for the next time I need to make something special for hubby.

  6. A standing rib roast is so delicious and makes a great presentation. And I love the Fred Flintstone reference!

  7. A standing rib roast is a holiday treat for us, too. Maybe I need to make an exception... looks delicious!!

  8. I love horseradish with beef. So very tasty. And I laughed about the Flintstones too. :-)

  9. That whole dinner looked soooo good. I need to get that cut of beef; it's been awhile.

  10. Oh yum! Meat on the bone is the tastiest way to have it. I love rib roast. We used to have a butcher shop so were spoilt for choice, now we have to pay retail price and it's hard being soo fussy lol


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