Saturday, 25 April 2015

The Tower of London

The Tower of London is obviously an imposing sight.  On occasions when I've walked past it, it has always struck me as slightly incongruous to see loads of busy workers striding past without giving it a glance.  So much history is held within those walls, much of it grisly. 

Just take the executions that have taken place there – Anne Boleyn, Catherine Howard plus others who had also incurred the wrath of a monarch.

And then there were the 2 young boys who probably came to their deaths in the Tower at the hands of a member of their family.

Of course, some of the people imprisoned there did get out – and in Princess Elizabeth's case, she became Queen of England.

The Tower even held Rudolf Hess prisoner for 4 days in 1941!  He was the last prisoner to be held there.

The Tower was enlarged and fortified first by William the Conqueror – but later monarchs extended the castle considerably.  It was more or less complete in 1285.

The Tower wasn't just a prison for important prisoners. It also held an arsenal of weapons, the Crown's Treasury and later on the Crown Jewels.

This is the Imperial State Crown – that must be a huge strain on the neck and spine to wear!
I got the idea to re-visit the Tower after seeing this year's spectacular poppy event in the moat of the Tower – how fabulous did that look!


  1. I have been there as well.......I stood in awe of all the history and was humbled that I could even BE there!!! We take so much for granted. I love a good book based on true historical facts that make me feel like I have 'gone back in time' to a place I have never been!

  2. We managed to go along for a look and it was spectacular and very moving to think that each poppy represented a lost life. The crowds were phenomenal ! I blogged about our visit :

  3. The Tower is amazing- and the poppy display was awesome!


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