Monday, 13 April 2015

The Mama's and the Papa's

Do you remember The Mama's and the Papa's?  I do but I didn't recall the name of their album – If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Your Ears.  A bit of a mouthful!

But this album (and weren't the days of albums so much better than individual tracks!) had some great songs on it including Monday, Monday and California Dreamin'.  This was the group's debut album.

The Mama's and the Papa's formed in the mid 60's from the remnants of two other groups – The Journeymen and The Mugwumps – wonder why those names didn't catch on…

Unfortunately only 1 of the four in the group is still alive.

How about the styling on that album cover!


  1. The Mamas and The Papas were a great group in the sixties. The last I heard of Denny Doherty he was back living in Canada. Cass Elliot died in 1974 and John Phillips in 2001, but Michelle Phillips is still alive!

  2. This is dedicated to the one I love....My favorite!

  3. I adored this group, I moved to California 1 day after high school graduation, I had my Mommas and Papas album on the bus for the longest bus ride I ever took, there was a bus strike and it took 2 days of hot hot staying on that bus..Mama Cass died the year I was married 1974 I was crushed, loved her singing..Never another group like them..Oh, I had the song This is dedicated to the One I love at my wedding reception in Las Vegas and it was wonderful a nice time in my life, still married 41 years this may, always have wanted to visit New Zealand, beautiful country and beautiful people have a wonderful week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Loved this album! My older brother (or my mom) must've owned it because I remember the album cover, but I didn't start buying my own records until the early 70s. California Dreamin' is one of my all-time favorites. I lived in Southern California for 20 years, but have been in the Midwest since 1992. I start humming California Dreamin' by about December. ;)


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