Monday, 9 March 2015

Portrait of a Young Woman by Franz Seraph Stimbrand

We don't know the name of this young woman but we do know that she was painted in 1827 by the Croatian Stimbrand.  I don't imagine that the sitter's skin was really that pale and perfect – but maybe it was!

The young miss is looking away – maybe she's shy – but to me there is something in her expression that points to an underlying stubbornness.

I find the portrait arresting while not being particularly beautiful.


  1. Yes, I believe her skin would be this pale.
    The greater beauties of this era, were the paler the better.
    Also she looks like gentry, and would zealousy protect her skin from the elements.

    I see caring and compassion in her eyes, as well as a yearning for something elusive.

    In her mouth I see a joy that is just waiting to bubble up and overflow.

    Great inner beauty in this picture.


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