Saturday, 7 March 2015

Domaine des Hauts Loire – a dinner to remember

Le Petit Pois et L'Oignon Nouveau

I have already posted about this beautiful hotel in the Loire Valley in France – here. Being a Relais & Chateau hotel the restaurant was Michelin starred so we decided to have dinner there as a special treat.

The meal was spectacular. We had the 99 Euro degustation menu – this was a real splurge

The dishes we had were just fab – for a change I picked the right things from a menu.

Le Petit Pois et L'Oignon Nouveau – onion flan in a pea coulis with pan fried langoustine – the presentation was spectacular and the pastry on top with the blobs on was divine.

John Dory with avocados.  Tartare sauce perfumed with coriander and spider crab cream.

Organic chicken cooked with sweet Vouvray and with mushroom ravioli (morels)

Then a choice of salad or a cheese plate – we went with the cheese option

Chocolate dessert with a passionfruit sorbet
Dessert was a choice of Candied peach with apricot sorbet or a Chocolate dessert with a passionfruit sorbet – I did the chocolate one which had the most amazing tuile on top.  My better half had the peach which was topped with an incredible crisp sort of brandy snap.

Candied peach with apricot sorbet
In addition to the menu items there were several sorts of amuse bouches at different times: a little square of avocado and salmon, a little boat with a mousse in it, gazpacho in a cute little cup - a bit spicy. Bread rolls with choice of salted or unsalted butter.

All the food was superb – the service was fab too

We didn't finish dinner until about 10ish (having started at 7.30) – but the meal didn't actually feel drawn out at all.

My apologies that I didn't take many photos of the food. I was too busy enjoying it.

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  1. OH.MY.WORD. That food looks TANTALIZING. Eating at a Michelin-starred restaurant is on my travel bucket list and for a foodie I have no doubt the $$$ is worth it.


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