Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Nostalgia alert!

Fish and chips

As a kid, we often had fish and chips for dinner once a week from the local fish and chip shop – actually there weren't many other options for takeout food – not even the likes of KFC.

The fish would be deep fried in a crispy batter (in fresh oil if you were lucky) and accompanied by thick cut chips (which some of you call fries).  The lot was sprinkled liberally with salt and eaten with tomato sauce (ketchup).  It came wrapped up in plain brown or white paper with an outer wrapping of newspaper.

All very low rent – but delicious – even if not particularly healthy.


  1. Fish and Chips was a special vacation treat for us in Glouchester, Massachusetts. My dad later tried to deep fry frozen fish filets but it was never the same (or even close!)

  2. I loved fish and chips as the occasional treat, and now it doesn't suit, and that makes me feel old....


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