Sunday, 11 January 2015

Salt & Pepper Pork

Carole's Chatter: Salt & Pepper Pork

Do you want something quick, tasty and easy?  This Salt and Pepper Pork may be just the thing for you.  I got the idea from Nigel Slater's Eat.

There are only 3 ingredients other than the cubed pork and the oil you fry it in.  Salt, black peppercorns and Szechuan peppercorns .

Crush your peppercorns (black and Szechuan) in a mortar and pestle as finely as you can.  Toss into a plastic bag along with the cubed pork and let it sit for about half an hour.

Heat your pan until very hot, put in our oil then add your pork together with a tablespoon of salt – fry quickly for about 5 minutes and then serve.  That's it!


  1. Sounds good to me! xo Catherine

  2. Can't get much easier than that!!

  3. Easy, easy and I bet delicious. I have that book -- I need to read it.

  4. I've been wondering about getting a mortar and pestle, but have such a small and cluttered kitchen, I haven't gotten one yet. This sounds like a quick and easy recipe to try out my new flat-bottomed wok with, though!

  5. Yum! What cut of pork do you use?

  6. Looks lovely! I am always looking for new ways to prepare pork, so this is great!


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