Saturday, 10 January 2015

Brittany, Bretagne, Breisz – a great part of France to visit

The most westernmost part of France is found in Brittany – or Bretagne as the French call it – or Breisz in Breton (I have no idea how to pronounce that).  And yes, its most famous tourist attraction is Mont St Michel – but there is so much more!

Brittany has lots of spectacular coastline and some interesting history and culture. 

You find many road signs throughout Brittany that are in both French and Breton.  Breton is quite similar to Gaelic – they are both Celtic in origin.

This is an example of a traditional Breton costume.  You have to love those tall headdresses!

You find megaliths all over Brittany – I posted about the Cairn of Barnenez – which we luckily stumbled over.

This is a symbol for Brittany that we saw all over the place – we discovered it was called the Triskel – so we decided to buy a fridge magnet of it – do you think we saw any? No!  Murphy's Law.

Pommeau is produced in Brittany as well as in Normandy – I have never seen it anywhere else.  It is made from a mix of apple juice and Calvados (apple brandy).  A nice aperitif before dinner.


  1. Carol, I love your travel posts! My father's ancestors are from Brittany, so it's a delight to see any pictures and learn a little lore.

  2. If I see a triskell fridge magnet this summer, I'll send you one ! And Breizh is pronounced Brez (like the Pez sweets) :) Kenavo !


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