Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Nostalgia Alert!

Home-made ginger beer

Did you, as a child, experience the joys of home-made ginger beer?  My mother had quite a craze for it resulting in masses and masses of gallon flagons of the stuff.  If I'm remembering correctly the production line came to a shuddering halt when several of the flagons exploded with shards of glass flying all over the place!

But it was fun while it lasted.  Here are 2 links to recipes for how to do it by the New Zealand Women's Weekly (Wendyl Nissen) and another NZ cook Allyson Gofton.


  1. I think the Famous Five would have liked lashings of ginger beer, Carole? I bet it's really refreshing on a really hot day in New Zealand?

  2. I honestly haven't tried ginger drink in cold. I know about ginger tea and ginger-milk tea. I like them especially in winter when it gets really cold. Chicken soup with ginger was my mom's specialty.


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