Sunday, 5 October 2014

Eggy tips – Ruhlman

Some tips from Michael Ruhlman about eggs today.
He says that you can achieve really good scrambled eggs if you do them in a double boiler (or bowl over a pot with a wee bit of water in it).  I need to try this.
He suggests that it is a good idea to take your eggs out of the fridge for a while before you cook them.  I know some people don't believe in storing eggs in the fridge but our usage is not big enough to leave them out without wastage. 
The last tip I thought helpful was how to get neater looking poached eggs.  He suggests that you first pour your egg onto a slotted spoon and allow the looser part of the egg white to fall off before putting your egg in the poaching liquid.  I am certainly going to try this one.


  1. here in the states we must store them in the fridge if they are store bought because the farms are required to wash them, removing the protective outer layer that allows one to store without refrigeration for up to 3 weeks. I will need to try his method, but the best method I ever witnessed was a grill cook using 2 forks as the eggs were cooking...I have not been able to duplicate his results at home or seen anyone with lighter, fluffier eggs any where!

  2. When Amber and Mike lived in Scotland for a year - LD and I visited them for the whole month of December. We bought 2 dozen eggs at ASDA....put them in the 'boot' of the car and then went to a movie. Sherlock Holmes - as I remember. When we got back into the car - it smelled horrible!!!! The EGGS were ROTTEN!!! And we had just purchased them! However, other than the eggs - we LOVED our stay in Scotland!!!

  3. Since arriving in Washington, I have been buying my eggs directly from a farmer. Initially I was a bit reluctant to leave them out on the counter, but they appear to be fine, even after 3-4 weeks.

  4. Good tips! I usually leave my eggs out before baking with them (especially cakes), but wouldn't consider leaving them unfrigerated. I wonder if he likes microwaving his scrambled eggs? :)

  5. I always store my eggs in the fridge but I do take what I need out and leave to come up to room temp before cooking

    Shelleyrae @ Bookd Out

  6. Bummer on losing power. How frustrating. Great egg tips. We let our eggs soak in a bowl of hot tap water before cooking them up. We get fluffier omelets and scrambled eggs that way.


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