Monday, 18 August 2014

Is this just a food myth?

The theory:  Bread keeps longer if you store it in the fridge
This, apparently, is the opposite from true.  Bread will go stale about 5 times as fast if you store it in the fridge.  Don't you think that is weird?  Bread stored in the fridge will toast well.
For longest storage, bread should be stored at room termperature in a bread tin or wrapped in a paper towel inside a paper bag.  In the real old days houses used to be designed with a safe which was ventilated to the outside to keep food cooler in the summer (the days before everyone had fridges).  I guess that would be a good place to store bread.


  1. This is interesting. We had a speaker from Warburtons [big british baking firm] at school last term. He said the best way to store bread in a hot British summer is in an airtight [tupperware type] container in the fridge. That keeps it freshest longest. I split a large loaf in half and freeze half [in plastic box] as we two dont eat it fast enough for it to stay fresh.


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