Monday, 7 July 2014

The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys are, of course, an iconic band – or should I say, were?  The band started out as The Pendletones (apparently named after a shirt).  An early record label changed their name to The Beach Boys without consulting the band – and the rest was history!
So what are my favourite numbers?
Surfin' USA – of course – their first big hit.  After some argy bargy Chuck Berry actually got the song writing credit even though the elements which made it a hit song were done by the band.  Here's a YouTube clip of it. 

Here's a pic of the band in 1962 – don't they look to be just young kids!  Mind you so do policemen these days!
Help Me Rhonda – 1965.  This knocked Ticket to Ride (Beatles) off the top spot. Here's a YouTube clip of it.
Barbara Ann – also 1965.  This was a song written for another group originally.  Hard to imagine when it is such quintessential Beach Boys. Here's a YouTube clip of it.
Good Vibrations – 1966.  Perhaps my absolute fave!  Here's a YouTube clip of it.
Kokomo – a much more recent hit – 1988 – featured on the film Cocktail.  Here's a YouTube clip of it.


  1. No, definitely ARE, not were! We've seen them a couple of times over the past few years. Not all original members now, of course, but they give a great concert!

  2. The Beach Boys was my first concert to ever attend. Barbara
    Ann was my favourite song of there's.

  3. I adored the Beach boys, moved to San Diego in the summer of 1966 just 18 listened to them all the time on am radio..Saw them at the Hollywood Bowl that summer for a mere $5.00 the fellows Mom paid me $10.00 embarrassed her son did not cash his paycheck from the LA Times, he went on to be an entertainment writer for the LA Times, so I got to go to many concerts in Southern California free with him and his press passes..Oh, for those days, California was lovely and open, sunny and enjoyable..Now not so much! Rock on to the Beach Boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Love the Beach Boys - so many favourite tracks. My daughter is called Barbara and I used to sing (very badly) Barbara Ann to her when she was little...


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