Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Nostalgia Alert!

Dominique, nique, nique

I hope you remember the song Dominique (from the film The Singing Nun) as fondly as I do.  It was originally sung by Sister Sourire. The part was played by Debbie Reynolds in the film.

This is a link to a YouTube clip if you would like to be reminded of this perky little song.


  1. You just made me smile - I live in France and often hear naughty kids (or grown-ups !) singing that line and bursting into giggles without ever knowing where it came from. "Nique" is a rude word for having sex which explains why it's got such staying power as a rude joke - I didn't know it was about a nun, that just makes it worse ! lol

  2. After a week in Salzburg, I may be avoiding singing nuns for a bit!!


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