Saturday, 7 June 2014

New Caledonia – Tjibaou Cultural Centre

I am by no means a museum junkie – so often they are too dark and gloomy for me.  But a major exception was the Tjibaou Cultural Centre which was in fact the highlight of a trip to New Caledonia.


This is a little map to give you an idea of where New Caledonia is.  Not only is it a Pacific Island with a great climate, it is a French territory so you get to immerse yourself in both French and Kanak culture.  The Kanaks are the indigenous people of the country. 

It was partly in recognition of the historic maltreatment of the Kanaks that the French Government funded the construction of the Tjibaou Cultural Centre.  (I certainly don't know how to pronounce that let alone spell it) 
The centre is named for Jean-Marie Tjibaou who was the leader of the Kanak independence movement who was assassinated in 1989. 

The centre is architecturally unique – a wonderful work by Italian architect – Renzo Piano.  No expense was spared in its design and construction.  Apparently it cost about 200 million French Francs. 
It has a lovely feel to it and is a must see when in New Caledonia

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  1. Wow! I know so little about New Caledonia, what a fabulous and unexpected building.


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