Saturday, 17 May 2014

Train or Plane? Which do you prefer?


I am a fan of train travel, particularly in Europe (including between London and Paris).  
Taking a fast train – the pros
·         You leave and arrive in the middle of the city

·         It's usually cheaper

·         It is quite often quicker door to door

·         You can use your electronic devices the whole way

·         Your luggage is in the same carriage with you

·         It's comfortable, even in coach class

·         You see the countryside as it whizzes by

Train – the cons

·         It's often quite awkward lifting your luggage on and off the train – particularly if you have big cases

·         Your luggage is accessible to other passengers during the journey

·         Getting rental cars at the station can be a mission – often way down in the basement and you end up driving through the middle of the city
Of course, many people prefer to drive themselves rather than do either plane or train.  This is not my preference for one simple reason – here in New Zealand we drive on the left – and when I am in Europe I find driving on the right really difficult – not on motorways but at intersections etc.


  1. I have never traveled on a train! I checked into it for our most recent trip, but the price was outrageous for our destination. I will check into it again though, I think it sounds like a fun way to travel.

  2. I love travelling on trains, and the London Eurostar to Paris or Brussels has changed my life - it makes it so easy to get to the contintent, I wouldn't dream of flying there...


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