Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Sausage 'Golf' Balls with Mustard Sauce

Sausage 'Golf' Balls with Mustard Sauce was based on a Nigel Slater dish from his book, Eat.  I did make some changes but wouldn't have thought of the basic approach without having seen his recipe.
The sausage balls are beyond easy to make.  No seasoning, no breadcrumbs, no egg – just one ingredient – sausage meat.  But make sure the sausages you buy are top quality ones – I used continental pork sausages.
All you do is remove the skin and then roll the sausage meat into golf ball sized balls using damp hands.  And your meatballs are ready to cook.
I fried them to get a nice colour first and then put them into a moderate oven to finish cooking through.
Then to make the sauce  I just put some chicken stock with a splash of Worcestershire Sauce into the pan (after pouring off the fat – or most of  it).  After boiling that for a minute or 2 I added ½ cup of dream, a tablespoon of Dijon mustard as well as salt and pepper.  I also added a small amount of mustard powder and turmeric just for the colour.  After you've simmered it for a few more minutes it can be poured over the sausage balls and you're done.  Garnish with some chopped chives to make it pretty.
Simple and very surprisingly delicious. 
PS the original recipe called for beef stock.


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  2. Mustard is one of my favorite things. This looks simple and delicious. Thank you for sharing, Carole!


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