Monday, 7 April 2014

Jasper Johns

While the US artist, Jasper Johns, is most famous for his work 'Flag', I actually like this work called 3 Flags better.  This work sold on the secondary market in 1980 for $1 million.

But that was small beer compared to this one called False Start (not sure why).  In 2006 it was purchased for $80 million – yes 80!  It is said to be the most expensive painting by a living artist.  Johns was born in 1930 and will turn 84 in May

He also did a series of works based on numbers.  I like the colours of this one based on 4.

He also sculpted – often casting everyday objects in bronze.  This is a sculpture of paintbrushes in a tin which he has painted.  Quirky and gently witty.

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  1. Nice post, Carole. I'd never heard of this painter before.


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