Monday, 14 April 2014


Ok, so sue me – I like Cher's music and her distinctive voice.  And boy, is she well preserved, or what!  I'm not quite as fond of some of her outfits so prefer to listen to her rather than watch her.  She is almost 68 and still singing up a storm – you have to admire that!

Some great Cher songs include:

Bang Bang

Gypsy's Tramps & Thieves

If I Could Turn Back Time

Cher has produced a documentary about her mother that I would like to see called Dear Mom, Love Cher.  Has anyone watched it?


  1. I love her voice as well! I haven't heard of the documentary but will have to see if I can find it.

  2. I like listening to her too. And have not seen the documentary, would love to!

  3. Same as my pre-writers, I think she has the most wonderful voice. "Gypsys ..." is also one of my favourites but I also love "Half-Breed", "Just like Jesse James" and her cover of "Walking in Memphis". Aaaaah. Well, if anyone wants to sue you, they can include me, as well. ;-)

    Have a great week,
    Marianne from Let's Read

  4. I happen to be a huge Cher fan myself!


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