Monday, 21 April 2014

Capital City of the Week – Hamilton


There is a city called Hamilton in New Zealand – but it is not the capital.  And nor is it Hamilton in Ontario.   Or one of the 6 Hamilton's in Australia.  And the more than 20 of them in the USA.  Talk about a common name!
This Hamilton is a special little town.  The colour schemes and styles of housing are quite distinctive, as you can see. 

The headquarters of Bacardi is in Hamilton. 

There are restrictions on the size and number of cars in Hamilton so you see lots of business people on scooters. 

And how about these dress shorts!  Note that long socks are de rigeur!

So where is Hamilton? 


Hamilton is the capital of:

And, no, it's not in the Caribbean!


  1. Hi Carole, thanks for sharing about Hamilton. I have learned something today. Those dress shorts look funny with the socks.

  2. I like the shorts. I bet they're way more comfy than pants on a hot day. :)

    Happy Easter to you!!

  3. The dress shorts are something we would certainly not see around here!

  4. For some reason I knew that answer from many Years ago, however do not know why. My niece lives in Hamilton Ontario. Thanks for dropping by @North of Wiarton. Australian Shepherds originated in the USA, odd for the name would tell a different story. Happy Easter, Carol !


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