Saturday, 1 March 2014

Rome – Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain in Rome

Before I visited the Trevi Fountain in Rome my image of it was taken from old movies like Roman Holiday.  The reality of the fountain is a bit different.  Yes its an impressive fountain – but even in early June the crowds were horrendous.  It became obvious why all the pics taken by people of it are close ups.  Right around the edge of the fountain people are sitting/standing absolutely cheek by jowl.  And if you look like you are going to put your hand in the water an officious policemen whistles at you.  Hardly a romantic atmosphere.
But we did throw a coin each into the fountain.  And I think we did it the right way – back to the fountain throwing it with right hand over left shoulder.  So we should be going back there some time….

They get about 600,000 Euros in the fountain each year which is given to charity.  The coins are collected up every day  - so you are even doing some good by participating in the tradition! 
I don't advise you eating or drinking in any place close to the fountain – talk about a tourist trap!

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