Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Limoncello with prosecco

I have formed a love affair with drinking Prosecco (light Italian sparkling wine – I got an NZ one) with a splosh of Limoncello.  I still have it now and again.  Subtle lemon flavour, a hint of sweetness and then the liveliness of the bubbles – what’s not to like?

Limoncello is apparently routinely made by households in Italy – each with their own favourite way of doing it.  I wonder how difficult it would be to make it?  Of course, my pathetic little lemon tree just won’t produce enough lemons for this sort of thing.  Last year I only got 3 lemons - this year it will be 7 - if they keep on growing.

I understand you are supposed to keep the Limoncello really cold – even in the freezer – I wasn’t game enough for that and settled on keeping it in the fridge.

Do you use Limoncello – what do you do with it?
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  1. OOOOHHHHH my goodness! That looks and sounds so good!
    No, I have never tried it but I do like sparkling wine and I love lemon and lime flavors!
    I'm gonna have to write this down so I remember to try it!

  2. It SOUNDS yummy!!! That would be a perfect drink for the hot Texas summers!!

  3. I do this too - it's lovely. I have a recipe for a limoncello and almond cake, and it's delicious, so this makes a great combo for after dinner....


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