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The Rich Man from the Parable

So what do you know about Rembrandt.  I realised I only knew that he was an Old Master but not much more.  So I got a couple of books about him out of the library and found out some interesting stuff.

The Jewish Bride

Rembrandt was born in 1606 and died in 1669 aged 63.
He was one of 9 children – five of his siblings died while they were children.  He was born in Leiden a town on the Rhine in what is now Holland.

Saskia as Minerva, 1635 (wife)

He married well (ie into money) but was unlucky.  His first 3 children all died as babies and when his son was only 9 months old his wife died.

Rembrandt's mother 1631 etching

Even though quite famous for his painting and etchings, and with various aristocratic patrons, he managed to get into financial difficulties and went bankrupt.  When he died he was buried in an unmarked grave.

Self-Portrait 1629

Unlike many other artists of his time he kept all or almost all of his preparatory drawings.

Winter Landscape 1646

Somewhat weirdly, he did over 75 self-portraits but only 14 landscapes.  Most of his work were portraits.

Portrait of Jan Six 1654

 I hope you enjoyed seeing a few of his works!
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  1. How very interesting! I love his work. Look in his religious paintings for a dog doing its business. There is usually one there!


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