Sunday, 1 December 2013

Slow Cooker Osso Bucco

Osso Bucco in the Slow Cooker by Carole's Chatter

I have seen Osso Bucco in passing over the years but never really knew what it was.  The butcher had some, so I dived in and bought it.  The meat used is veal shank – but it is sliced across the bone.

Osso Bucco - veal shanks cut across the bone

I did the Osso Bucco using the slow cooker – but I did brown the meat first – which is a pain but which in this case I think was necessary.

First, I put salt pepper and a tablespoon of flour in a plastic bag and then put in the meat.  After closing the bag I shook it all around until the meat was properly covered.

I browned it in a pan in butter – how decadent!

After taking the meat out, I deglazed the pan with a splosh of wine.  That just means that I boiled the wine in the pan while stirring it with a wooden spoon so that all the bits on the bottom of the pan mixed in with the wine.

After lightly oiling the slow cooker I added:

The browned meat
The wine mixture from the pan
¼ an onion, roughly chopped
A can of chopped tomatoes (might be better to use only about ½ a can)
½ a small carton of chicken stock
½ a tomato soup packet mix
A carrot cut into rounds (you don't need to peel it)
A leek, sliced (celery could be used instead)

I cooked it on low for about 6 hours.  With half an hour to go I chucked in some leftover potatoes. All the slow cooker books I have read in the hope of mastering the technique say that you should not open the cooker up and stir because you lose so much heat that you will have to cook for much longer. I'm sorry I just don't buy that.  The area of the ceramic dish is so large and stores so much heat that I don't think a quick stir makes any difference at all.  I have checked this out with my better half who is of a scientific bent and he agreed.

Before serving I garnished it with parsley and lemon zest.

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  1. I know what you mean about opening the lid of the cooker -- One book I read said if you pick up the lid to stir then you have to add a full hour to the cooking time. I sincerely doubt it.

    I love osso bucco, but I've never made it. This recipe looks great.

  2. Sounds like a great stew -- looks nice on the plate, too!

  3. Osso Bucco is one I've always wanted to make ... so was it delicious, did the meat just fall apart? It sure looks yum!

  4. this is a dish I have been curious to try. Hi Carole, I was checking to see if you had done a post on honey recipes, but didn't see a label.

  5. I love osso bucco - one of my favourite dishes. I agree with you about taking the lid off the slow cooker - I think it's nonsense.


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