Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Simple cooking tip – Scrambling eggs

Scrambled eggs - simple cooking tip by Carole's Chatter

If you have a few eggs in the house, you have a meal.  Every now and then I just feel like some scrambled eggs.  Sometimes I put them on toast and have them with other things like bacon, eggs and tomato.  But often I just have them plain.

They are so simple and quick to make.  I have to admit I used to hate them as a kid – but my mother, God bless her, used to put lots of milk in with the egg so they ended up having a very pale colour and odd consistency.

Everyone will have their own way of scrambling eggs.  This is how I do it.

Break your eggs into a bowl.  Add as much ground white pepper as you like – I am a real pepper freak – and a tiny bit of salt.  If you add too much salt at this stage the eggs will toughen up as they cook and won't be as nice.

Heat your pot up on a low heat and melt some butter – how much is a matter of taste – to avoid it burning I also add a couple of drops of a neutral oil.

And that is all that goes into it – how simple is that.  Whisk up with a fork or a hand whisk – don't overwhisk – just let the whites and yolks roughly combine.

Pour into your melted butter and cook on a lowish heat while stirring with a spatula/wooden spoon.  The next trick is to turn the element off as soon as the eggs start to coagulate a bit on the bottom of the pot.  Keep stirring and the residual heat will finish the cooking off.

Don't leave the eggs in the pan too long.  They will get dry.  Serve onto warmed plates.  Don't worry if you think the eggs are slightly underdone, they will keep right on cooking and will be fine.

You can see from the picture (sorry about the quality) that this particular batch was also too done in parts.  So picking the right time to turn off the heat and serve is the only tricky part.

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  1. I love scrambled eggs! Such a quick and easy breakfast :)


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