Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Lady Sandwiches – cucumber

Lady sandwiches - cucumber: Carole's Chatter

The intention was to make these cucumber sandwiches dainty and ladylike.  An old family friend of ours, sadly now departed, used to make the most delicate cucumber sandwiches whenever we visited.  As you can see mine are not particularly delicate.  But I tried.

You just thinly butter some slices of white bread with your choice of spread.  (This is the only time I use white bread)

Then put a thin layer of thinly sliced cucumber on every second slice of bread.  It is important to peel the cucumber to get the right consistency.  Then sprinkle on salt and white pepper.  Pop the other slice of bread on top and press down a bit.

Cut off the crusts and then quarter each sandwich.  And if you manage to be more delicate than me you will have lovely tiny cucumber bites that are lovely and refreshing.

If you are preparing this a little ahead of time, keep the sandwiches cool in the fridge with a dampened tea towel over them (not plastic wrap).

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  1. They're pretty! Very ladylike--I'd say mission accomplished. :)

  2. One of the best ever sandwiches ! Looks delicious :-)

  3. I just love cucumber sandwiches, Carole, and yours look quite dainty enough!


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