Saturday, 7 September 2013

Washington DC

Washington Memorial
I have only been to Washington DC once, so I am almost embarrassed to post about it since so many of you will know the city so much better.

Vietnam Memorial
I was lucky enough to be taken around the city at night by a friend of a friend who actually worked in the White House – seeing the Vietnam Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Memorial etc by floodlight and then ending up having a midnightish meal at a restaurant in Georgetown was simply unforgettable!

Lincoln Memorial


I got the feeling that Washington DC, like New York and London is a city that never really sleeps!

The White House
Like every other tourist I stood outside the fence of the White House and gawked and tried to take a decent picture.

If I ever get to visit again, I'll want to see some of the art galleries and museums – although I usually find them too overwhelming unless I have had the time to do some research first so that I don't try to see everything!
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  1. Lovely pics Carole. I've never been there either, but hope to make it one day. It always looks so familiar from having seen it on so many TV progs and films...

  2. I am going to be in Washington next week. I have been there one other time but it was years ago. I hope to make it to some of the same places you were at. I also am going to the holocaust museum. Thanks for sharing.

  3. If you ever go back you MUST visit the Holocaust Museum and the Smithsonian!

  4. My son lives north of DC and use to work there. So we've been about 4 times and still have not seen everything! I love Lincoln and his memorial is my favorite. It was recently vandalized with green paint along with other memorials.
    The first time we went we spent the whole day in the national art museum, wonderful!
    Hope you get a chance to come again! I have not been there at night, it looks awesome!


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