Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Orange zested sherried mushrooms

Orange Zested Sherried Mushrooms: Carole's Chatter

I am constantly looking for new ways to do mushrooms.  This time, inspired by a cooking show (can't remember which) I combined orange zest, orange juice and sherry.  The results were fine but next time I'd put a little less sherry in and more orange zest.  The combination definitely worked though.

So I sliced up some white button mushrooms and sautdd with in a little bit of crushed garlic and butter (with a dot of oil to ensure the butter won't burn).

After a couple of minutes, add the orange zest (of 1 orange), the juice from the orange and 3 tablespoons of sherry (I would suggest 2).  Add a little chopped parsley at the end for colour.

You can cook this ahead of time and apparently the flavours will improve.

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  1. 3 things i love, orange zest, sherry and mushrooms...what'
    s not to like!

  2. I would never have thought to put orange zest with mushrooms, but I will have to try it!


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