Sunday, 25 August 2013

Medley of Roast Vegetables Reprised

Medley of Roast Vegetables served with Pork Ribs by Carole's Chatter

I have posted before about a medley of roast vegetables.   This is another take on that theme.  I tried to cut the vegetables up into sizes that meant it would all cook in the same time.  And yes, that is a radish you can see in the pic – turned out surprisingly good, roasted.

The vegetables I roasted were courgette (zucchini), onion, capsicum (bell pepper), sweetcorn, onion, mushroom, carrot and that radish.  A colourful mix – note no potato was included.

I served this with pork spare ribs.  Yum.

Medley of roast vegetables before going in to the oven: Carole's Chatter

This is what the vegetables looked like going into the oven.
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  1. I love roasted vegetables but never thought of trying radish -- I'm going to have to do that!

  2. Pretty! Did you drizzle with olive oil this time or roast them without it? I love roasted vegetables, but always feel like I'm pouring on too much oil!

  3. This looks like the perfect Sunday dinner.

  4. I think there is no veggie that is not better roasted, all brown and sweet and tender.

  5. Yum, want to make this for dinner tomorrow. :)

  6. YUM! YUM!!! This looks delicious but I would HAVE to add potatoes! Capsicum and courgette....I'm going to have to remember these when I fix bell peppers and zucchini! Sounds much more impressive!!! If only I knew how to PRONOUNCE them!!!

  7. I adore roasted veggies, so I know I'd love this. But I'm with Linda, potatoes (sweet or white) would be in my mix.

  8. Very simple to prepare but looks really good! Must be good with turkey too! There you go, another great idea for upcoming Thanksgiving!


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