Saturday, 20 July 2013

Where were you when this happened?

20 July 1969 First Man on the Moon

The 20th July 1969 was the day the first person walked on the Moon - do you remember where you were when you watched it?

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  1. I was in school and saw it on TV at night with my dad who was so proud of the UNITES STATES his adopted country. What an incredible day and I'm so blessed to have been alive to see it on the very same day! Thanks for sharing and for reminding us! Big hugs,

  2. I was born the very next year. :)

  3. My whole family was gathered in the living room watching it take place.

  4. Our TV broke down! We were devastated....

  5. I wasn't born but I don't believe it happened!! Best conspiracy ever. If they had why hasn't it been done again?!!


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