Monday, 1 July 2013

Richard Killeen

Richard Killeen cut out

One of the things I like about Richard Killeen, the New Zealand contemporary artist, is that he often creates works that let their owner be part of the art.  What I mean is that his cut out works – which are made up of individual pieces with a little hole in them for having – each piece will only hang one way but how they are arranged is entirely up to the person hanging it.

Richard Killeen painting

Even in his more conventional works, there seem to be mainly collections of shape and colour.

Richard Killeen - Jar of Traffic

Richard Killeen - painting in a jar

Killeen is far from a one trick pony but I have to admit his cut-outs are my favourites – although the paintings in a jar are great, too.

If you would like to read more about Richard Killeen, there is a book by Francis Pound "Stories we tell ourselves" (1999, Auckland Art Gallery) which is about Killeen's paintings.

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