Friday, 7 June 2013

Simple cooking tip: Preparing mushrooms

Mushrooms needing to be wiped or brushed

A simple little tip for you today about preparing mushrooms.  You know how even the cultivated ones have just a little dirt on them?  Well, don't wash the mushrooms – if you do they will go slimy and won't have as nice a texture.  Just brush it off with a paper towel, tissue or pastry brush.  If this isn't enough just dampen the towel a tad and do it again. (A tad is a technical term for just a little bit)

Mushroom brush

There are even special mushroom brushes you can buy – a bit OTT in my view.

I never peel commercially grown mushrooms – it isn't necessary and it will affect their flavour.

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  1. I love mushrooms and have noticed if I do more than a very light rinse they get slimy!!! I will brush them from now on!

  2. Not sure if mushroom brushes are available here. I dip them for atleast 2 hrs in water before cooking.


  3. Thanks for the tip, Carole! I wasn't sure how to go about it and I usually rinse in water. Now I know that's not the way to do it :)

  4. I usually wash them and eat/cook right away. But it's great to know about the brush technique, because I hate slimy mushrooms!

  5. Thanks Carole!! Great tips and great minds think a like:) Lynn @ Turnips 2 Tangerines

  6. interesting - i would not wash mushrooms prepared raw, but most of the mushrooms i use i cook so the "mushiness" is not an issue. How do you use your mushrooms in a meal?

  7. Well, I kind of want one of those cute little mushroom brushes now, even if it IS a bit unnecessary! LOL!!


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