Monday, 3 June 2013


Las Meninas
Velasquez was a Baroque Spanish painter born in 1599.  His amazing talent was recognised while he was young.  Just below you will see a picture called The Waterseller of Seville which was painted before he was even 21. 

Velasquez the Water Seller

His most famous work is Las Meninas (or the Maids of Honour) (see pic at the top of the post) which hangs in pride of place in the Prado museum in Madrid. It was painted 4 years before his death at the age of 61.  

Velasquez Las Meninas detail - self portrait

This painting shows the Princess surrounded by her ladies/attendants and also show the artist himself.  You will see that there is a red cross on his chest.  It is said that this was added after his death by the King (Phillip IV) himself to acknowledge the honour that had been conferred on him.  And another quirk is that the reflections of the King and Queen can be seen on the rear wall of the painting.
The Forge of Vulcan - Velasquez

But I like this more informal painting – The Forge of Vulcan.

Immaculate Conception Velasquez

And this one, too.  Immaculate conception.
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  1. I remember studying this artist back in our home schooling days. We saw some of his paintings at the Kimball Art Museum in Fort Worth. Amazing artist!! I need to visit a museum again soon!


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