Monday, 27 May 2013

Crowded House - no not my house – the band!

Crowded House New Zealand rock band

Crowded House is claimed as Australian – but you can judge for yourself.  The lead singer/songwriter and another member of the band were born in a small town in New Zealand – they are Neil and Tim Finn – both of whom were also in the successful band Split Enz.

Crowded House had a big international hit in 1986 with Don't Dream It's Over – written by Neil Finn.  It did well in the US, Canada and, of course, New Zealand and Australia.

I am posting about Crowded House today because 27 May is Neil Finn's 55th birthday – just reaching his prime in my view!

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  1. I love Crowded House such an amazing band. I have one of their CDs She will have her way - 1 CD is female artists covering their songs and the 2nd CD is their original versions. Its great, my favourite is Missy Higgins singing Stuff and Nonsense :)

  2. In the UK they marketed Crowded House's greatest hits compilation with the tagline 'you know more Crowded House songs than you think you do' which I thought was clever. My own favourite is Always Take the Weather With You.


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