Sunday, 30 September 2012

Simple Cooking Tip – Boiling Long Grain White Rice

I am going to talk about how we do our long grain white rice.  Many of you will have different ways to do it – and some of you will even use a rice cooker!  I don't have enough bench space for many gadgets so only have a toaster and an espresso machine that sit out all the time – and a stick blender which goes into the utensil drawer.

So we cook about a cup of rice at a time – it swells up so that easily is enough for 2.  I don't rinse the rice first – just pop it into a pot of boiling salted water.

Don't stint on the salt – it does make a difference.

Some people measure out their water – I just do it by eye – you want a fairly large pot, filled about ¾ full – if you have the water level too close to the top you will boil over.

And then we boil the rice away for 13 minutes – that's right, 13! No lid on the pot.

Then I just drain and serve but my better half insists on draining the rice into a sieve and then pouring boiling hot water through it.  Either way turns out ok.


  1. That is very similar to how a sweet elderly lady who owned a Spanish restaurant told me she makes her rice except she boils it for 10 minutes and then drains. One cup is what I use for Hubby and I too.

  2. Thanks for the tips, cooked rice the other day and nearly burnt it =( I don't think I used enough water or cooked it long enough because it was still a bit crunchy.

  3. Interesting. Why do you do it this way and did someone suggest it or did you just try it one day? I am curious.
    I cook 1 cup of rice to 2 cups of water, 20 minutes and perfect everytime.

  4. a thousand ways to cook rice - i will add this one to that list.
    My favorite has been to add some oil with the rice, heat it till the rice is just changed, but not brown, add my cooking liquid about 3 cm over the rice (not always just water because some times it is wine or chicken broth or what ever i am in the mood for) and any extras i might like (onions, scallions, fennel pieces, basil, sesame seeds, peas, carrots, sweet or hot peppers, again it is what i am in the mood for). Bring liquid to a boil and cover it and turn off the fire. I never got an exact time it was ready, but the total time was always less than 20 minutes. Everyone does it different and most come out with great rice.

  5. Good to know! We are in our camper and the rice cooker is at home. It's been a ;ong time since I cooked rice without it!

    Whitemist has some good ideas, too!

  6. I will try this method next time I make rice :)

  7. For every cup of long grain white rice, I use 2 1/4 cups or a tad less of chicken broth. Also I melt butter and add in some finely diced onions along with salt and pepper, granulated garlic. That imparts more flavor into the rice. By melting butter in a pan and swirling the rice in the butter helps the rice not to be sticky. I like the overall result. Also 1 cup of rice feeds four of us a fairly generous portion.


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