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Titian - Christ appearing to the Magdalen

The artist, Titian, was a Venetian old master who had a very long painting life.  And like Rembrandt and Matisse he changed and grew over time – great to start out and got even better with age.  If only, we could all say that!  He died on the 27th August 1576.

The painting Christ Appearing to the Magdalen is one of his youthful works. This is where Christ forbids Mary to touch him but asks her to let the others know that he was back.  She mistook him for a gardener so Titian has shown him holding a hoe.

Titian - The Assumption
One of his finest early works is The Assumption 

Titian - Ranuccio Farnese

This work, Ranuccio Farnese is from Titian's middle years.  This is a painting of a very young man looking splendid – he is shown as a jewel almost against a very dark background.  This portrait is from 1542 – the boy was a grandson of Pope Paul IV.  (Bit of a back story there!)

Titian - Pieta

And this one, is a late Titian.  Pieta, the original is in a gallery in Venice.

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