Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Movies to re-watch sometime – Part I

This is the start of a series listing out some movies that I think bear another look - not in any particular order or genre!

Airplane! – 1980 - The original and best disaster movie parody.  Was originally titled “Flying High” in NZ.

All of Me – 1984 – Steve Martin at his very best with Lily Tomlin.  Impossible to describe – has to be seen.

American Beauty – 1999 – great ensemble effort, satire of US middle class ideas of beauty and satisfaction.

An Officer and a Gentleman – 1982 – ok it’s schlock but very entertaining.  Richard Gere and Debra Winger.  The lead was originally going to be John Denver – which would have been very different.  The ending is sentimental but great.

Apollo 13 – 1995 – “Houston, we have a problem”.  Amazingly good given we know how it ends from the beginning.

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